Hikaru no Go, Vol. 18: Six Characters, Six Stories (Hikaru No Go (Graphic Novels))
Yumi Hotta
VIZ Media LLC (2010-02-02)
語数:5,000語 / YL:3.5 / オススメ度:(4.0)
Six Characters, Six Stories The main storyline takes a holiday, making way for six tales that offer fresh insight into the characters and lives of Akira Toya, Tetsuo Kaga, Asumi Nase, Yuki Mitani, Atsushi Kurata and Fujiwara-no-Sai. Hikaru Shindo figures in some of these but only takes center stage when, in the final tale, he challenges a crooked antique shop owner to a game of go in an attempt to restore an heirloom vase to its rightful owner. 今までの本編と話が繋がる、6人のサブキャラクターのストーリーになっています。 ちょっとした休憩に良い巻ですね。しかしヒカルの碁の魅力はやはりサイかも・・・