Hikaru no Go, Vol. 20 (Hikaru No Go (Graphic Novels))
Yumi Hotta
VIZ Media LLC (2010-08-03)
語数:5,000語 / YL:3.5 / オススメ度:(3.0)
The Young LionsGo players under the age of 18 in Japan, Korea and China are getting ready to qualify for the Hokuto Cup, and Hikaru and Akira are both in contention for the Japanese team. The preliminaries prove to be tough going, and Hikaru, stung by a reality check, focuses like never before. But will it be enough to meet the challenge of the unconventional yet formidable go of Kiyoharu Yashiro of the Kansai Go Association? 5-5とか天元とか出てきます。